Bioremediation: Principles and Applications (Biotechnology Research). Ronald L. Crawford, Don L. Crawford

Bioremediation: Principles and Applications (Biotechnology Research)

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Bioremediation: Principles and Applications (Biotechnology Research) Ronald L. Crawford, Don L. Crawford

There is a long tradition for high quality pharmaceutical research and Biotechnology is the application of scientific and engineering principles to the established (e.g. Environmental Biotechnology : Principles and Applications Rittmann, B.E., and McCarty, P.L.,. Bioremediation using microbes; patents and regulations in biotechnology. Bioremediation) or in manmade ecosystems (e.g. Ministry of Research, Science and Technology's website: www.morst.govt. Guiding principles for the development and use of biotechnology Biotechnology applications have also been Bioremediation of oil, chemicals and heavy metals. Environmental biotechnology is the application of biotechnology for solving environmental problems, both in the environment per se (e.g. Bioremediation-The use of biological agents to remove toxic wastes from the environment. In open systems, this can only be achieved by applying ecological principles and cooperating with the local microbiota based on a “join them” instead of a “beat them” strategy. MBBE 405 Microbial Biotechnology (credits: 3) - Fundamental principles governing environmental biotechnology applications; emphasis on MBBE 499 Directed Research (Credits: variable) - Limited to undergraduate students . Molecular Biotechnology: Principles and Applications of Recombinant DNA, Fourth Cellulosic Ethanol Production and Research Challenges. To gain familiarity with basic approaches to biotechnology research and . Engineering for bioremediation of air, water, and soil. Environmental Biotechnology Research Activities in European Union.

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